Feel Good UK - Delivering Quality Garden & Pet Products Since 1992

Who Are Feel Good UK?

Our story begins over 30 years ago, in the very same building we work from today, and whilst the products we sell have changed our core beliefs remain the same as when we manufactured homewares in the 1990's.

We believe in delivering functional, quality home, garden and pet products that improve the way you live and the lifestyle you want to create; whether that's spending more time on your allotment or introducing chickens to the family.


'My five star rating is based on the price you pay for this coup. They say you get what you pay for, well with this coup you get a well designed well engineered and remarkably well finished product for the money. It is straightforward to put together and the finished article looks good and very practical. I would say it is sutiable for up to five adult large fowl.'

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'Excellent polytunnel and very fast delivery . Many people are commenting on how excellent it is and I have recommended you to neighbours and friends who have asked where I got it so I believe you should be getting more orders to the Oban area. My vegetables are growing a treat. Thank you I am having great fun.'

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Why Choose Feel Good?

We believe in building relationships with our customers and are proud of the small but experienced team that make up Feel Good. Our approach ensures that we work closely with our suppliers whilst always listening to what our customers have to say. Our mission is to provide you with products that deserve to be part of your home & garden.