About Us

Welcome to Feel Good UK. We are a leading provider of high-quality garden and pet supplies, providing a whole host of accessories for your outdoor space and luxury pet furnishings. From, chicken coops and runs, rabbit hutches and guinea pig hutches, dog kennels, bird aviaries and lots more. No matter your budget, we are confident we stock the right product for your requirements at a great price. Our Feel Good service goal is simple - provide you with the right product, with fast delivery.

Who are we?

Our story begins over 30 years ago, in the very same building we work out of now, and whilst the products we sell are very different our core beliefs remain exactly as they were when our parents began to manufacture homewares in the 1980's.

We believe in delivering functional, quality items that improve the way you live and the lifestyle you want to create; whether that's spending more time on your allotment or introducing chickens as the new family pets!

Why choose Feel Good?

We beleive in building relationships with our suppliers and staff and are proud of the small but experienced team that make up Feel Good. Our approach ensures that we work closely with our suppliers whilst always listening to our customers to ensure we're developing products that are desere to be part of your home & garden.