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Doesn't fit the bunny ark hutch

The back panel and roof are too big for the hutch.


Bought for ducks 🦆
Fantastic, smooth purchase, delivery, instructions and finish

I got a medium size dog kennel

The kennel came with instructions and it was fast to erect I had to erect it on my own it took about an hour and now my dog has some were safe to stay when she is in the garden and it's realy good quality I'm just as happy as the dog lol

Chicken / rabbit run extension

This is a really great add on for either a rabbit house or in my case chicken run.

Easy to put together. And adfs adecent amout of space.

Bunny House
danielle garland
Excellent hutch

Really pleased with the hutch, our rabbit is very happy in it

Probably the best for money

Well designed and rot/rip-proof over many years.

Recommended Polytunnel

Great sturdy polytunnel frame which has withstood some very high wind speeds over the course of the two years I have owned it. No rips on the plastic as with cheaper covers I have owned. The framework is very good quality with no rusting at the joints. Click joints meant I could put it together very quickly on my own. The polytunnel tether screw pins are very good quality and work well. The door was a little more tricky to put together (at least for me.) I realised I had had it attached on upside down and back to front for almost a year, so it didn't close properly and would shake open in the wind. I changed the door position and that no longer happens. The photograph of the finished frame on this website helped me to see the error I'd made. The polytunnel is now perfect!! The solid door is a great feature. No more broken zips.

Good value for money

Bought this cage after reading reviews and expected it to be very hard to put together yet good value for money. I found the cage reasonable to assemble although was handy to have a second person around for some of the bits. Overall well worth the money. Thank you

Polytunnel 3m x 2m
Louise Quinn
Great Polytunnel!

I looked around for ages for the right polytunnel before I decided on this one. It was easy to assemble (2 people) with click together poles rather than bolts and it has a door rather than zips - which is what I wanted. It is sturdy and has plenty of room inside for growing cucumbers/tomatoes etc. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I reproofed the latch for the door so that it didn't get worn down too quickly - would be good if that was there already. Also, the door hinge is on the left and I wanted it on the right - there didn't seem an option to change that. All that said, I would definitely recommend buying this polytunnel.


Didn't even know these covers existed until a friend mentioned about them. Happy as Larry.

Trike cover

Good but only last 2years even treating it

Bird av6

Excellent service with first class delivery agent

Polytunnel Cover


Replacement polytunnel cover

New cover is excellent. However the metal door catch is not so secure and can blow open in windy weather. I have to secure it with a strong rubber tree tie.

Polly tunnel cover

It fixes better than old one did and the price is great and good service from start to finish

Polytunnel 3m x 2m
Alan Manship
3x2 Allotment Polytunnel

Certainly delivered promptly. All comes in one box: tubes with little numbered stickers to help identify them for frame construction, a bag of bolts, wingnuts and an allen key, the polytunnel frame cover and another cover for the door. Finally, a couple of sheets of diagrams and instructions that are extremely brief, not really well explained, but you should be able to fathom it out from the diagrams while you take a strong coffee.
The diameter and metal thickness of the tubes seem to provide a fair strength for the money and sturdy frame assembly if kept compact.
If there is any apparent weakness in it all, it's in the positioning of the stitched seams on the covers and the hook-and-loop fixings. In several places they do not sit on the frame correctly, fixings don't cleanly reach tubes or there's insufficient length to wrap around to stick. The door cover is a sort of envelope of the plastic that you slip over the door framework and supposedly bring the bottom inside and outside hook-and-loop strips together to seal it on. .....Er, .....even having made sure the frame is as compact as it can be, the envelope stitching/material quantity does not allow them to overlap and stick. Its annoying but can be solved for a few pounds extra.
In summary, it's more substantial than cheaper ones and only ones more than twice the price are possibly going to avoid the issues above. Remember, this is a polytunnel not a fancy garden gazebo for guests and that even I have overcome the imperfections cheaply. So, for the money spent it is reasonably good value.

I would like to know when will you be getting the BH01 replacement cover because mine got ripped by high winds

Great company

I have bought several items from this company and cannot praise them enough. Good sound products and the service and help they provide is second to none. Highly recommend.

4 m polytunnel cover

Great quality product at a good price.

Double Rabbit Hutch
Kylie Freear

Double Rabbit Hutch

Polytunnel replacement cover

So far ,so good ,its to early to say if I'm happy with it or not ,will have to wait for a storm to have a proper teston it .

4m replacement polytunnel cover

Prompt delivery. Felt cover was a bit flimsy and cannot comment on durability until I see how it copes with wind and weather. Very few fixing points on inside cover to attach to frame to hold it in place securely. One of the zips did not work smoothly as teeth not in line.

3 m replacement cover

This was not required need full polytunnel with frame trying to send back.awaiting confirm address

Good quality

Bought this product as a result of positive reassurance from the customer service team. Well made product which fitted framework with ease. There are ties on the inside to connect to the frame but would like to see more ties to secure the tunnel to the frame. Erected a week ago and it has survived the full force of storm noa. Would recommend.

Perfect for my 3 hens

Arrived after 2 days of purchase, and very easy to put together. I took the end panel off my coop and cut a hole in the chicken wire provided, so the hens can roam between the two. Has become a perfect little petting zoo for my kids, and sanctuary from the rain. Very sturdy, did well against strong winds the past few days.