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Fits perfect well made

Polytunnel 3m x 2m
Anne Graham

Ordered mine 10 min ago can't wait to get it up and start using was wondering if the door can be reAnneversed x

Polytunnel 3m x 2m
Lynda Homan
Husbands allotment

Hi we haven’t used it yet it’s still in its box too cold yet for spending too much time up there

Good rain cover!

Covers the hutch and keeps the guinea pigs dry.
Delivered quickly!

Great product

Instructions aren’t the best and resorted to YouTube for detail on how to do the door but apart from that everything else is great. Had lots of cable ties unlike others so looks like they’ve listened and put more in.

Perfect replacement cover

Can't add much to my review title except that delivery was very fast. Very impressed by 'Feel Good' and sure to be back.

A company that shines above others

So I purchased a BH3, their biggest motorcycle tent, so you can imagine the size of my motorcycle trike.
As mentioned I have a trike that sits at 5’6” wide and 9’ long. She fits in there perfectly with room to walk round her and clean etc, and being 6’4” tall I can stand comfortably in there to work on the bike no matter what the weather.
About two years in we hit a storm and I made the mistake of pinning the front down which with the storm acted like sandpaper on the canvas and ripped it, (totally my fault) and left my bike bare like a hooker loosing her skirt !!
Anyway bought a replacement cover and fitted it, however noticed it had bad stitching and was concerned about her revealing herself behind my back … the shock and horror, lol.
I contacted the company and explained the stitching and showed photos with a time stamp and they didn’t hesitate to help.
We chatted about the problem over email and I was assured a replacement would be here shortly. Now we have all heard of smoke and mirrors, but about 5 hours later I had a text message saying my replacement cover, covered under manufacturer warranty would be here next day.
This is the sort of customer service and care that makes me return and give word of mouth praise to my biker community.
Firstly I want to say thank you to the company for honouring their warranty and secondly I want to thank them for showing other makers how customer service should be like.
Will i return to them? Without a doubt, the BH3 is the biggest trike garage out there out of other makes, and the service you receive is second to none
I want to say I have no affiliation whatsoever with the company nor was I paid for my honest opinion on my product. I just want to make sure others save themselves hassle buying a different make with less quality materials and a poor customer service. Stay here you honestly won’t find better.

Wooden Cold Frame
Stephen Waters
Wooden cold frame

Finished cold frame is good quality for the price. Think there could be a little more detail in the assembly instructions in one or two places, as i could see some people really struggling with some of the detail. Company were really helpful in locating package when delivery went amiss - fault of couriers, who were impossible to get hold of. Due to excellent customer service of Feel Good uk wouldn't hesitate to recommend

Excellent Chicken Coop

Arrived quickly, good delivery and at a good price. Assembled on my own so took a good weekend to complete.
Couple of minor gripes: The netting isn’t quite wide enough to span between each roof spar which is annoying and the tabs on the door latches are only on one side which is the wrong side for my set-up.
That said, there was plenty of netting and cable ties and the final result is surprisingly sturdy.

Bunny Ark Rabbit Hutch
HarryPotters Landlord
Amazing product

Great build quality at a great price. Harry Potter loves his new home. Can't fault the ordering process. Slick and delivery on time with no issues


Ordred a similar item several years ago and was surprised that the price had doubled. however the newer item is of superior quality and i am very pleased with it

Great hutch

Yet another brilliant hutch and so easy to set up … I am rubbish at DIY but I managed to put this together in less than half an hour. My rabbit had eaten the steps down to run so had to replace last one but had it for 2 years. I prefer the material it’s made of this time.

Double Rabbit Hutch
Rebecca Fuller
Looks great

Little ones aren’t in it just yet but looks great for price, very big! Nice secure latches rather than just twist locks. Very quick to put together 👍🏻

Change cover

My name Anita, I gave a speech impediment and I need to change the cover I ordered from a BH03 to a BH01, can you please help with this, it is still in it’s wrapping, my phone number is [****]. Many thanks


Fabulously made for the money. Was very impressed. A*

Good, no contact cover at great price

Fitted together quite easily . Covers my Moto Guzzi 750 with ease.. Its good that you can get replacement covers. I would have liked a hasp or fitting so you could padlock the center of the frame to the ground (it has side padlock fixtures but a lot of leverage with the length of the frame so I think you could easily bend this out of place) but I shall make one. Great value.

Bike cover

Happy with it and arriving fast …. Good service

Polytunnel 3m x 2m
Justine Rushworth
3x2 polytunnel

Great tunnel. Easy enough to assemble. I managed it alone in 1 day as a 5' 2" aged woman, with a step ladder. Would be quicker with another person helping but I was too impatient to wait. I attached it to a wooden frame which hopefully will help with anchoring it. I had an issue with the door, which was completely my fault and feelgood uk messaged me at 8.00 the following day, Great customer service. For the price it is amazing. Only fault is the velcro doesn't meet in some places but I have secured the cover so isn't an issue. Would definitely recommend.

Bike home cover

This is my second 1 in6 years very good and seller is Frist rate.

Replacement Cover

Bought to replace a cover that deteriorated over time.Fits perfectly also a pack of fixings included if needed.

3 x 2.8 cage

Took 3 people about 4 hours to put up but instructions cleat and everything there. Seems very solid and chicks are happy.

Outdoor run for chickens

3rd one we bought. First had flat roof we bought some years ago. Had a tarpaulin over but after a storm, the weight of water caused it to collapse. The rounder roof shape is so much better. Fairly idiot proof to put up. No problems even for us oldies. We attached the netting to the sides of the chickens shed with battens so it didn't take up space in the run. Quite easy to do. The netting over the roof is harder to do than it looks as the netting is narrower than the gaps between the poles so had to be overlapped. If the netting was a bit wider so the edges could be attached to the poles it would make it a lot easier to put on plus it would not sag at all. Would also have liked two pegs to put in base of legs not one as ground is so soft. Plenty of chicken wire and plenty of zip ties included so have some over. Before having these runs we had to rush home before dark in case of foxes but now if we want to stay out longer, we don't have to worry. Good value for money.

4’ rabbit hutch

Best 4’ hutch I found for money that allows easy access to clean and retrieve shy bunnies (important as our rabbits live outside so need access in all weather & times of day…)
Like that can lock rabbit upstairs whilst clean lower section so rabbits can’t run off whilst cleaning lower section.
We’ve got two of these hutches next to each other to keep rabbits apart, as our rabbits don’t get on, but they can still see each other. Larger wire mesh good to hang bottles, feeder from & can slide snacks thru. Comes with a fitted cover. Overall size Ok but suggest rabbits have an extra “run” area beyond 4’ their hutch. Good hutch - rabbits happy.


Good value, good communication along with fast dispatch, comes in two box’s. All parts are numbered. Overall an excellent purchase. However the instruction images could do with enlarging, plus the website photos were not the same especially the sloping roof construction section section. If your building it for outside paint it before putting it together.

Hope it last longer than first one

Bought it because other one lasted just two years and it was £100 cheaper than buying it with the frame as the fram was good