The Health & Wellbeing Benefits of Gardening

Why we love getting our hands dirty in the garden

Here at Feel Good HQ, we've long loved getting into our garden, whether it's for an afternoon of pruning or a full day of digging. It seems obvious to us that time spent in our garden or allotment is beneficial for our health and well-being but we wanted to dig a bit deeper into what the research says about the benefits of gardening and growing your own food.

The health benefits of gardening and growing your own food.

Natural remedies using herbs and plants are as old as time itself, we have been using them to treat ailments (some more successfully than others) for centuries and we continue to use herbal medicine today (St Johns Wort for example). But what about the actual effects of spending time in nature and gardening? can these help us too?

Well, the evidence suggests that yes, gardening is beneficial to our mental and physical health. In 2021 the RHS released research that sought to track the health benefits of gardeners, and the research showed a 6.6% increase in well-being for those that garden daily versus those who had never gardened at all!

Established health benefits of gardening;

  • Increasing physical activity can help with cardiovascular health and maintaining strength and agility.
  • Spending time outdoors in gardens or allotments can help calm and restore our stress levels
  • Growing food can give a deeper understanding of nutrient-dense food as well as the seasonality of foods.
  • Being able to eat food grown locally is an improvement on a diet with lots of processed food.
  • Gardening can be a social activity helping people who may otherwise feel isolated to feel connected to like-minded people.
  • Gardening can help feed creativity, helping to keep our minds active and our brains ticking aw

Gardening to bring the family together.

Spending time in the garden with children or grandchildren is a great way to help improve our relationships as well promote a healthy lifestyle for our younger generation.

Time outside is time spent moving which can feel increasingly hard to make children do, by spending time away from screens and phones we can help ease anxieties, stress and the worry that children increasingly seem to struggle with.

Children can also take great satisfaction in learning and then watching plants or food grow before their very eyes; by building this understanding about food and where it comes from we can help promote healthy habits and a positive mindset towards the outdoors.

Commit yourself to more gardening and see the benefits for yourselves.

Why not make 2023 the year to commit to more time outside, even if it is just ensuring a walk or time sitting in your garden? You don't have to wait for a bright sunny day (as much as it helps) but ensure regular time outside tending to your garden to try and maximise the health benefits.

At Feel Good we have developed a range of polytunnels and cold frames that enhance your ability as a gardener by helping to protect and create the right environment for your veggies to get growing. A good polytunnel can ensure your season starts well ahead of everyone else's and last much longer, perfect for maximising as many hours outdoors as possible.

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