March Jobs For The Plot

We hit March with renewed energy, the warmer, lighter days make such a difference to our productivity and enthusiasm for our allotment plot. We love that March still provides us with a good harvest and plenty of anticipation for the season ahead as we start sowing seeds in our polytunnels and cold frames.

Sowing Seeds in March

It is possible to sow some varieties of vegetables outdoors in March, especially if you have already warmed the soil in some beds.
The hardier crops such as leeks, parsnips, spinach and brassicas can usually be sown directly outside.

If you are lucky enough to have room for a polytunnel there is an exciting range of more tender crops that you can begin to sow in preparation for Spring. This can be particularly beneficial to crops from warmer climates as it gives them as long as possible to ripen in our British summertime.
Varieties that can now be sown indoors include peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and chillies.

If you haven't already time is running out to plant garlic so make this a priority if you have not already.

Harvest in March

March still offers plenty of produce, despite being at the tail end of winter careful planning means you should be able to get through the last few months before the rest of the year's harvest become ready.

Swiss chard and Kale are one of my favourites to harvest in March. It's always great the see the first of the 'Spring' varieties crop up, including, Spring Onions, Spring Cauliflower and Spring Cabbage.

Trim and Divide Herbs

Hardier, perennial herbs need a good tidy-up around now, give them a good trim. March is also a good time to divide and propagate herbs such as chives and mint. A good herb planter and a cold frame is an ideal ways to keep a variety of herbs growing well and protected from the weather.

Raking Seedbeds

Raking is not a favourite job of mine, but it is an essential part of preparing seedbeds for Spring.

If you have been warming beds now is the time to remove, fleecing, cloches or sheeting and give the area a good rake. Ensure large clumps are broken down until you have a fine loose and crumbly layer of 'fine tilth'. If it has been dry and the soil feels dusty you can water it, if it is too wet it should be left to dry out a little more.

Finish your Winter Pruning

This is the final chance to complete your winter pruning, This includes pruning vines, blackcurrant bushes, and apple and pear trees. Ensure any unripe fruit that has yet to be taken by birds from early Winter is cleared in preparation for Spring.

It is also wise to inspect for a disease whilst you have good visibility.
Blossoming trees such as cherries, apricot and peaches may still need their delicate flowers protecting from frost damage throughout March.

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