February Jobs For The Plot

For us, February feels like the first month we 're truly getting busy on the plot. Whilst the weather remains cold and unpredictable with warmer days but still below freezing nights we definitely feel like progress gets made. Along with planning our beds and pots here are the jobs we'll be focussing on this February.

Sowing in February

Despite the unseasonally warm beginning of the year, the temperatures can drop sharply. Whilst some veg can be sown outdoors (broad beans) your best bet is to sow early varieties of veg (brussels, sprouting broccoli etc)indoors or under cover.

It is also a good idea to begin warming seed beds with sheets of plastic or poly material.


We love stocking the pantry with hearty winter veg!

Despite the bleak weather February can still bring good crops and you can hopefully harvest the following for soups, stews and pickles.

Winter cauliflower, Winter cabbages, parsnips, leeks, swedes and kale.

Preparing A Runner Bean Trench

If your hoping to grow runner beans this season now is the time to prepare their beds. Their large growing size means a dep filled trench filled with manure or compost will keep the growing plant supplied with all the nutrients they need.

Tip - add in kitchen food waste and replace soil allowing it to rot down.

Compost Preparation

Now is the time to prepare your soil (assuming it is not too wet or frozen). Working on improving the structure and composition now can pay dividends later. You can incorporate as much manure and compost as possible by digging in or leaving it on the top to be drawn in.

Fruit Check List

Inspect fruit supports while you have clear access - once foliage sprouts it can be hard to check.

keep an eye on aphid attacks towards the end of Feb as some fruit leaves start unfurling.

Check apple and pear trees for signs of canker and cut out diseased wood.

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