What features does my bird aviary need?

We believe that choosing an Aviary should focus almost entirely on the needs of your birds, the added bonus for us if it looks good too. As a priority, I always consider access, security and space as the most important features to consider when buying or building a bird Aviary.

It is important to be able to offer your birds both space to be in direct sun and also a secure and safe space for them to shelter away as well.

How much space you have available will dictate what kind of footprint your aviary can have but additional space can be gained by maximising the height of your aviary.

When viewing or designing a wooden bird aviary consider how often and how easy you want access to the aviary to be; do you want to have full access so you gain step inside? will you be happy with several large doors opening to gain access?

If you plan on buying an aviary do you need to consider if it can be extended easily? or can you add flights on through D.I.Y? Our Hexagonal Wooden Aviary can have multiple wooden flights added in different positions for maximum functionality.

The things you need to consider might feel overwhelming but getting these things right at the planning stage will save a whole load of headaches and pennies later.

What toys and accessories should I include in my aviary

Birds are naturally active, curious and interested in their surroundings. By ensuring they have a vast array of entertaining and interesting activities within their aviary you can go a long way to encouraging their natural behaviours and keeping them happy.

There are hundreds of toys and hanging activities you can find in shops, you can also make many of them yourself. Focus on providing a range of textures, colours and materials to encourage and satisfy their natural curiosity. Twisted rope, bells, hanging pans, and swings are just a few of our suggestions. You can also provide lots of natural materials for nest building and foraging.

Where should I position my aviary?

You may be limited in the outdoor space that you have, but there are some key considerations to make before building and positioning your Aviary.

We also recommend ensuring the aviary is easily visible from your home, this allows for peace of mind and an easy way to check on them. You should aim to offer your birds both access to the sun and also shelter from fierce heat later in the day, this might mean ensuring they can access the morning sunshine before shade can take over for the later afternoon. It is worth thinking about wind and how intense this can be in your garden, if you are sheltered it may not be an issue but it should be avoided if you are working with an exposed area.

It is worth considering how preditors may view and gain access to your aviary too. If you are positioning on a hard floor you do not need to make any additional enforcements but if you are positioning the vairy on soft ground you may need to lay wire mesh or consider a skirt of rocks or slabs to prevent animals from digging under. Trees and fences can also offer predators an easy way to get up close and personal to your aviary, ideally, we recommend not positioning under trees to allow as much sunlight access as possible.

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