Product Instructions

Feel Good UK Product Instructions & Build Guides – for help with our products see below.

AV01 – Bird Aviary

AV02 – Aviary Aviary
AV02 RUN – Aviary Extension

BH01 – Bike Home Folding Cover
BH03 – Trike Home Folding Cover

CAGE 2m – Galvanised Cage – Medium Cage – 2m x 3m
CAGE 4m – Galvanised Cage – Giant Cage- 4m x 3m
CAGE 6m – Galvanised Cage – Monster Cage – 6m x 3m

CH10M / Windsor Medium - CH10 Medium Chicken Coop
CH10L / Windsor  Large- CH10 Large Chicken Coop
CH10 HYBRID / Windsor Medium Hybrid - CH10 HYBRID Chicken Coop

CH14 – Cube Chicken Coop & Run

DOG L – Wooden Dog Kennel
DOG X – Wooden Dog Kennel

DOG RUN 01 – Before & Batch SC29 – Galvanised Dog Cage 3m x 3m
DOG RUN 01 – Batch SC30 on – Galvanised Dog Cage 3m x 3m

HOUSE L – House Chicken Coop
HOUSE RUN – House Run Extension

PT3 – 3m x 2m Polytunnel
PT4 – 4m x 2m Polytunnel

PY6 – 6m x 3m Polytunnel

Polytunnel Door Upgrade Kit

RH10 – RH10 Bunny Ark Hutch
RH12 – RH12 Bunny House Hutch

RHM – Medium Rabbit Hutch
RHL – Large Double Rabbit Hutch

Wooden Product Care Maintenance Instructions



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