Chicken Coop Maintenance FAQ

We've compiled some of our most frequently asked questions from years of designing and manufacturing chicken coops. If you cannot find the answer to you questions here, get in touch!

Do I need to clean my Chicken Coop?

Yes, the health and happiness of your birds requires you to look after and tend to their coop like you would any other family pet. All of our Chicken Coops feature slide out trays for the floor of the internal house part which means you can ensure a thorough clean regularly.

 Do I need to protect my Chicken Coop?

All of the wooden parts of our coops will be pre treated, and are suitable to place straight outdoors. we do recommend that you take the time each winter to check for any issues that may need attention and then re-coat with a water based wood preservative to ensure the longevity of your wooden coop.

Should I move my Chicken Coop?

If your coop is on grass, and especially if it is in your garden you may want to move it to allow the grass to regrow. You do not need to do this, and your birds will b fine scratching around in rough or dry ground.

What material is better for Chicken Coops; Wood or Plastic?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, it depends on your style preference and what you feel is better suited to you. The wooden chicken coops are undoubtedly more traditional looking and are beautifully made with a tongue and groove finish. Our plastic panelled hybrid range (which is set in a solid wood frame) look more modern and do have the benefit of being easier to keep clean as you can wipe the panels down easily. however, they are lighter, so if you live in a very exposed area I would usually recommend the solid wood chicken coop.

if we've left anything off this set of questions and there is anything else you would like to know please drop us an email here.