Chicken Coop FAQ

We've compiled some of our most frequently asked questions from years of designing and manufacturing chicken coops. If you cannot find the answer to you questions here, get in touch!

How big should my Chicken Coop be?

This largely depends on the number of birds you intent to keep and how free range you expect them to be. Chickens who are free range or have access to a large enclosed run can generally have a smaller coop as long as it still has the features required for them to be comfortable, such as perches and a nestbox. Where birds are free range they will use the coop to huddle closely together overnight which is why smaller coops are more acceptable.

If your birds will spend most of their time in a coop with an attached run then you ned to plan on keeping a smaller number of birds or increasing the run space depending on how many birds you are keeping. All of our coops that have runs attached can be extended to allow for a growing brood. 


Do I need to treat my Chicken coop?

All of our wooden coops are delivered with a base coat of outdoor protector. We recommend spending some time before each winter to go through the process of a deep clean and then applying a wood treatment to protect the coop. Taking the time to do this with increase the longevity of the coop significantly.

How do I prevent predators gaining access to my Chicken coop?

Some areas have more issues with foxes than others, foxes can be relentless and quite determined when it comes to trying to attack birds but there are measures you can take to help prevent a break in. If your Chicken Coop is not enclosed in a large run or against a shelter you should take the time to make sure all locks are securely fastened and working and assess whether the ground can be dug under. if it is placed on soft ground you will need to place paving stones or rocks around the perimeter to stop foxes getting under. if you are placing the coop inside a larger run you can do the same or dig a skirt of the chicken runs mesh into the ground to prevent the foxes getting in

Where should I position my Chicken coop?

Chicken Coops can be position wherever you like but ideally you will want to utilise and naturally protected or partially shaded areas to give them the most comfortable home.

Does my Chicken Coop need a nestbox?

Yes, chickens require a separate nesting area to lay their eggs, all of our coops come with a nesting area as standard. 


If you have any other questions, please get in touch!