What To Put In A Chicken Coop

What To Put In A Chicken Coop

If you are wandering what essentials you will need to put inside your chicken coop you’ll be pleased to know many of them are integral to our chicken coop designs already! With just a few extra essentials your coop will be ready for your new birds.

Your coop will need roosting perches, chickens will naturally seek out the highest point available to sleep. They do this to help keep them safe from predators, so even in a closed coop where there is not a threat you should still facilitate this instinct. By sleeping off the floor there is also less chance of them becoming ill from having to sleep on a coops dirty floor. All of our coops come with at least one wooden roosting bar.

Nesting Boxes are another essential feature that you will need to put in your chicken coop. A nesting area offers a safe space for chickens to lay their eggs and are also a convenient place for you to find them to. The nesting box inside the chicken coop should be lined with soft bedding and be kept clean and fresh for the wellbeing of your chickens, all our coops come with a nest box as standard.

You will need to provide a water tray and feeder for your birds inside the chicken coop, they can be positioned in the run or they can also be suspended, this is often achievable if your coop is being placed in larger run quite easily.

Being able to easily clean and disinfect the floor of the coop should be a consideration when choosing a coop, removable litter trays are very handy for ensuring a quick and thorough clean. Every one of our coops comes with a removable slide out tray, this allows you to regularly remove old bedding and ensure a thorough clean has been completed.

The items we have listed above are definitely items we consider to be essential for you to put in your chicken coop, they ensure that your birds needs and met and that they have everything in place to make their home a happy one.  

If you need any further advise do not be afraid to get in touch, we are here to answer any questions you may have.