How To Clean A Chicken Coop

How To Clean A Chicken Coop

How to clean a chicken coop

Your Chickens deserve to be treated just like any other much-loved house pets, so this means you have a duty to ensure their coop is maintained, cleaned and kept safe. We advise having a set schedule, so you know it is done regularly, it's also a great chore for children to get involved in as it teaches them some of the responsibilities of keeping chickens.

We recommend a weekly clean, and a once or twice yearly deep clean and maintenance check.

The weekly clean of your chicken coop should involve the following.

  • Remove all feeders, bedding and perches etc.
  • Try to remove as much debris as possible, some will likely need to be scrubbed off but try to start the next step with as little as possible in the coop. Our chicken coops all feature a slide out tray meaning you can easily ensure most of the bedding has dropped out.
  • Give everywhere a good hose down.
  • You can either use an animal safe disinfectant (widely available online) or make a solution of equal parts vinegar and water (do not use bleach) you can either rub this on and scrub away or squirt it or spray it around the coop before going over any tough dirt with some elbow grease.
  • The coop will need another thorough hose down before being air dried.
  • All of the parts you removed such as the feeder etc will need to be individual cleaned with the same solution and left to air dry to.
  • Once dry you can slide the tray back in, fill it with fresh bedding and voila! A fresh, cosy coop ready for its residents to return to.


If you have any questions about how best to clean a chicken coop make sure you drop us a question in the comments or send us an email.